With over 100,000 sales worldwide, Note Rush is loved by teachers and students all around the globe. Today we are excited to introduce the highly anticipated Note Rush 2nd Edition!

About Note Rush

With its intuitive interface and gamified approach, Note Rush makes note reading fun. Originally created to replace a note reading flashcard deck, the app listens to your instrument and provides instant feedback as you race the clock to improve speed and accuracy.

From the teaching studio to home practice, Note Rush complements any teaching method while engaging students with its interactive design and colorful themes.

Note Rush 2nd Edition: What’s New?

  1. Refreshed user interface: Note Rush 2nd Edition boasts a modern, colorful new interface that is visually appealing and user-friendly.

  2. Extended instrument support offering an expanded library of built-in levels designed for various instruments, including piano, guitar, violin, flute, and more.

  3. Enhanced level designer system with support for Treble and Bass clefs as well as Grand Staff (Tenor and Alto coming soon) and up to 6 ledger lines!

  4. Save custom levels within the app for easy access: No more hunting through the camera roll!

  5. Unique landmarks-based hints system! Landmark notes are a great way to get a firm grasp of the staff, and now Note Rush brings this approach into the learning experience. Learn more

  6. New themes including Fruit Smash and Cute Bird, and a new scrolling theme selector, making it quicker to select a theme and get playing.

  7. New Audio Recognition Engine to make gameplay faster and more reliable.

Purchase before July 1st to Lock in the Current Price!

If you’ve already purchased Note Rush, our 2nd Edition is a FREE UPDATE! No additional purchase necessary. Not on board yet? Purchase Note Rush before July 1st to secure the current pricing of USD $4.99 before it jumps up to USD $8.99 for the new version.

Edit: Note Rush 2nd Edition is out now on all platforms!

Most devices will auto-update through their respective app stores, but it may take several days. Don’t want to wait? Read on:

How do I get the update immediately?

  1. Look up Note Rush in Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

  2. Hit the Update or Install button.

To check if you have successfully updated, open Note Rush, tap the settings cog, and you should see 2nd Edition at the bottom of the screen. Enjoy!

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