Note Rush 2nd Edition Beta Now Available!

It's here! Get an early look at new Note Rush, now available for beta testing on iOS and Android!

Just about everything has been rebuilt from the ground up:

  • New Level Designer system with support for separate Treble and Bass clefs as well as Grand Staff (Tenor and Alto coming soon) and up to 6 ledger lines!
  • Ability to save as many levels as you like within the app for easy access.
  • New Landmarks-based hints system! Landmark notes are the best way to get a firm grasp of the staff.
  • New Fruit Smash and Cute Bird themes, and a new scrolling theme selector!
  • New built-in levels for violin, guitar, and more on the way - your instrument not there? Send me your level-set suggestions!
  • New Audio Recognition Engine that should vastly improve note detection reliability.

There are a few areas still being worked on, so stay tuned for updates, and let me know how you go with it!

Sign up for the Note Rush Beta!

iPhone & iPad Android

No purchase required for iPhone/iPad. Purchase required for new Android customers. Signing up for the beta will replace the old version of Note Rush with the new beta version on your device.